Camano Island Definitely Grows On You!

For you “Out-Of-Towners,” no trip to the Pacific Northwest is complete without a sightseeing tour. No matter what time of year you visit Camano Island, you’ll be greeted with seascapes that will take your breath away. And Crayola, take some notes here — Camano has landscapes made of every shade of green you could possibly imagine!

rhododendrons on camano islandIf you visit our lovely little piece of land in the warmer months, one of the most astounding outdoor sights you can see is the beautiful blooms of rhododendrons all over the area. Whether you choose to visit Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens on neighboring Whidbey Island or stay close to home on Camano, the bright blooms will dazzle your senses. If rhodies aren’t your flower of choice, don’t despair. The mild temperatures and moist air of the Puget Sound create an ideal climate to foster greenery. Thyme and lavender grow in abundance across the island, and wildflowers fill fields everywhere you go.

If you prefer your sightseeing to be more focused on animals, Camano Island will amaze and delight you. Because of our location in Puget Sound, we are blessed with amazing sights year round. Some of camano island gray whalethe most beautiful, memorable things you can see in our waters are the whales. There is a visiting pod of Gray whales that calls the waters around Camano Island home from March to early June each year, feeding on ghost shrimp that live in the sandy bottoms. From mid-May to the beginning of October, Orca whales travel the waters near Camano and Whidbey Islands on their seasonal migration paths.

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to see the whales, the tide pools and SCUBA opportunities along our coastline provide you with a first-person window into a beautiful underwater world.

Whether you come for wildflowers or whales, Camano Island has a way for the whole family to get out and enjoy nature together. Spend some time with us and you’ll agree.

Any questions?  call me today — Jan Mather, your Camano Island Expert! 360-507-4133


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