Camano Island – Let the Bird Watching Fun Begin!

In May I wrote about many ways you could have family friendly fun on Camano Island with some of the many scheduled festivals and events that take place around here. But if you’re simply looking for a quick afternoon activity (or maybe a new part-time hobby), boy have I got one for you!

With the arrival of warmer months, countless adventures on trails and pathways are waiting for you on Camano Island.  Nature hikes are a great way to learn about the outdoors, plants, and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest and one of the most popular activities for locals and visitors alike is — wait for it — bird watching!

Camano Island MerganserThere are many different types of birds to search for in the Camano Island area.  There are many excellent areas that are perfect for bird watching, spanning every type of habitat from old growth forest to wetlands to shore.  These different types of nesting habitats will allow for a variety of bird watching experiences for you and your family.

One of the cool things about living on an island is the abundance of waterfowl nesting sites to view and explore.  Whether you like to see sea ducks, dabbling ducks, or wading birds such as loons and egrets, there will be nesting and feeding sites available to see all throughout the summer months.

Camano Island EagleIf you prefer your birds a bit bigger, you’re in luck.  Our nation’s most enduring symbol – the bald eagle – is native to Puget Sound, and there are nesting sites in the greater Camano Island area.  If you visit in summer during the hay harvest, you may be lucky enough to spot the birds circling over freshly shorn fields in search of their next meal and they are often seen perching high in the Island’s evergreens.

If you’re an avid bird watcher, you will definitely want to contact the local Audubon Society.  There are planned day trips throughout the summer to visit specific sites and watch for specific species of birds.  A day hike with your family to watch birds won’t just be fun for you but can also be a fantastic bonding experience for everyone.

Camano Island DucksWhen you come to bird watch on Camano Island, you’ll be thrilled to see the various types of birds soar, swim, and sing in their natural habitat.

But Camano Island isn’t just for the birds! Ready to make our beautiful island your home (or home away from home)?  Call me today — Jan Mather, your Camano Island Family-Outing-and-Real-Estate Expert! 360-507-4133


2 Comments on “Camano Island – Let the Bird Watching Fun Begin!”

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  2. Karen & Albert Turner says:

    Hi Jan! We’re your new neighbors finally! We got the key Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to moving up here full-time. Great website you have. Karen Turner

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