Camano Island Restaurants and Other Eats — Explore and Enjoy!

One of the best parts of exploring somewhere new is finding the good places to eat. Read-on to discover my personal fave!!!

Camano Island Restaurants: fuel and social fun

Food isn’t just for nourishment – well, it is, but there’s so much more to it than simply calories, vitamins, and body fuel.  The act of eating can be turned into a social event (as it almost ALWAYS is with yours truly).  Why do you think there’s always food at parties?  On Camano Island and in Stanwood we have some of the standards you see just about everywhere,  but we also have some real treats for you to discover so let’s explore some Camano Island restaurants!

One of the more popular locations on Camano Island is (appropriately) Islander’s Restaurant and Bar.  With a broad menu featuring personal pizzas, a variety of grinders, and a healthy pasta selection, almost everyone can find something that they may enjoy.  With party packages available and a full bar on site, Islander’s is somewhere a group of any size can gather.

Camano Island Bistro

Camano Island Bistro, at Camano Island Inn

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more upscale, the Camano Island Bistro takes reservations as well as walk-ins. Open for lunch and dinner six days a week, the bistro is located in Camano Island Inn and is surrounded by windows that allow you to take in the beautiful views of our island home. This is a superb example of one of the charming Camano Island restaurants just waiting for you to explore!

Sometimes, you only want a quick bite and a hot cup of coffee.  Both locals and visitors to Camano Island enjoy Islander Espresso and Café, home of Camano Island Coffee Roasters. Washington is famous for coffee, and Islander Espresso takes it to a socially responsible level, serving fair trade coffee and roasting on site. Go green!

If you want more than just a quick drink, the café has a full menu to enjoy.

Camano Island Restaurants, Coffee, and More~

These are just a few of the restaurant choices you can find on beautiful Camano Island.  The Camano Island Chamber of Commerce is one great resource that can be used to find your next bite or cup of joe.

If all-else fails, Google it!

You can also find local pizzerias run by veterans of the restaurant business, small delis and shops across the island, and bed and breakfast options everywhere.  Don’t be afraid to sink your teeth into our culture, or our cuisine! You’ll be happy with both.

Diamond Knot Camano LodgeAnd now, as promised: My personal favorite hot dinner spot on Camano Island: The Diamond Knot Camano Lodge! Rustic, warm and welcoming, Diamond Knot is the perfect place for great food or just a glass of wine (and of course GREAT beer!). If you haven’t been yet, you are have got to check them out. And here’s their facebook page!

Camano Island restaurants is just one of the topics I’ve highlighted about our beatiful island. Be sure to check out my other posts as well including showcased homes for sale and more!

-Jan Mather, your Camano Island Expert. 360-507-4133


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