Camano Island, WHERE IS OUR SUMMER?!?

Camano Island Summer Weather Fleeting at Best

May I have your permission to rant for just a moment?

Here I have been writing just about weekly, talking about all of the great things on Camano Island to do this summer, and there’s just one thing missing:


In case summer weather is just around the corner, here’s a quick re-cap of some of the “fun-in-the-sun posts about Camano Island:

Here’s the good news: We’re Washingtonians! We have webbed fingers and toes! So it’s overcast a bit. Ha! So it’s a little drizzly — big deal! That didn’t dampen the spirits of the musicians at the Darrington Blue Grass Festival, no sir! And it certainly won’t deter us from enjoying the beautiful, peaceful, magnificent life here on Camano Island!

That being said… Walter Kelley, Camano Island wouldn’t mind some hot weather!

Now let’s go have some fun, eh?

— Jan Mather, your Camano Island Expert! 360-507-4133


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