Camano Island Tide Pools: Time For a Family Adventure

Camano Island fun here we come!

Camano Island Tide PoolsPart of the bonus of being in a location as amazing as Camano Island is enjoying the ocean life. Not only can we watch the Camano Island tides go in and out, see the whales playing in the bay from our windows, and dine on delicious fresh fish year-round, but we also get to see sea life up close and personal – sometimes really close! Exploring the shoreline and discovering the tiny ecosystems left behind in tide pools is an exciting adventure – and an educational one, as well.

Camano Island Tide Pool AdventuresBefore you pack up the kids and head to the beach, there are a few things you need to check out. First, be sure to check the schedule for Camano Island tides on that day. Nothing is worse than going tide pool hunting, only to discover the tide is in and all the pools are covered! Also, take a peek out the window. While tide pools occur no matter what the weather is, you might not be as comfortable exploring them during a rainstorm.

Let’s Make Sure Everyone Gets to See Camano Island’s Beauty

In addition, remember that the pools left behind by the ins and outs of Camano Island tides are filled with living creatures. These creatures are a vital part of the Puget Sound ecosystem.

There’s an old adage you should remember when exploring the pools:
Take only photographs;
Leave only footprints.

Camano Island Tide FunThis not only lets your whole family enjoy the pools while avoiding discussions over who gets to keep what, but also ensures that they will be there for everyone else who wants to see them.

Ideas to Keep the Camano Island Adventure Lots of Fun

Once you’re exploring the tide pools, there are many different activities you can do with your family before the Camano Island tides come rolling back in. See how many different creatures you can spot in one pool, or count how many of the same type of animal can be found in all the pools you visit. Tide pools can hold shellfish, invertebrates such as starfish and sea anemones, and sometimes a small fish or two!

Once you’ve decided to see the tiny worlds left behind by the Camano Island tides rolling in and out, you’re in for a treat. Remember to respect these marvels of nature, and they’ll be there for many years to come, and will change with each visit.

Every year I provide tide schedules for clients, family and friends. Don’t have yours yet? Give me a call! Jan Mather, Camano Island Tide Expert! 360-507-4133


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