Harvest Jubilee: Celebrating Crop and Community!

In my post on Camano Island Happenings for September 2011, one of the highlighted events was the Harvest Jubilee festival, coming up on September 24th.

After numerous requests for additional information, I’ve dug a little deeper on this fun event, so here you guys go!

Camano Island (and Stanwood, Silvana, etc.) Harvest Jubilee — Take II

Fall is fast approaching, and Camano Island is getting ready for the cooler weather.  Along with the changing leaves and dropping temperatures, the local farmers are getting ready to harvest their fields.  This gives the perfect opportunity for our community to have a Harvest Jubilee… so we do!

Celebrate With Us!

The Camano Island Harvest Jubilee celebrates the rich farming heritage of our little corner of the world.  Along with the surrounding communities of Stanwood, Silvana, and Warm Beach, Camano Island has a bounty of crops, growing everything you can imagine.  From beeswax and berries to a selection of organic beef, farming is a way of life here. The Harvest Jubilee gives everyone an opportunity to see where their food comes from.

Laugh And Learn

Coming to Camano Island for the festival will give you the chance to see how farms in the area operate.  Many farms will be open for visitors.  If you are unable to go out to the fields, you can view live animal exhibits at the Harvest Jubilee.  Have you ever wanted to harvest your own vegetables or have chickens for fresh eggs every morning?  Hands-on demonstrations will teach you how you can produce delicious organic food in your own back yard.

Family Friendly Festivities

In addition to the animal exhibitions, the Harvest Jubilee has something for everyone in the family.  Live music will be performed all day.  Local artists will display their works, and a marketplace will be available for crafters and growers alike.  Wagon rides let you see the whole festival while resting your feet.

Come To The Harvest Jubilee!

Are you sold yet?  The Camano Island (and surrounding areas!) Harvest Jubilee is the perfect day trip for your family.  On Saturday, September 24, the festivities kick off, with the center of activity located in Downtown Stanwood at The Country Store.   Events will go all day, from 10am to 5pm.

Come join the Camano Island community and see what we have to offer. For more info, visit the Harvest Jubilee Website.

See you at the Harvest Jubilee! Jan Mather, Camano Island Expert – (360) 507-4133


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