Camano Island: The Top Three Things To Do With Your Family

Are you looking for a place to take your family, either on a day trip or for some early autumn camping? You could be like most people and head up into the mountains, but why not blaze a new trail and come to Camano Island! From nature’s quiet majesty to vibrant fall festivities, our friendly community will make you feel welcome – so much so that I hope you want to stay forever!

1. Camano Island Colors

With autumn in the air for well, some time now this year, the leaves are changing from their emerald coloring into the warm reds and yellows of fall. Camano Island has an abundance of trees, both evergreen and dec…. decidu…. um, NOT evergreen, to dazzle all ages of nature lovers. Whether you take a leisurely drive down a tree-lined road or spend the night telling stories by a campfire at Camano Island State Park, the great outdoors of Camano Island is a welcoming place.

2. Festival Fun

Fall is the season for harvest festivals all across the country. Camano Island residents don’t disappoint in this avenue, either! We just finished the Harvest Jubilee, and one of the biggest fall festivals is the Stanwood-Camano Chili & Chowder Cookoff coming up in November. The streets are filled with happy people and delicious smells, and everyone visiting Camano Island goes home with a full belly and a happy memory.

3. Shop ‘Til You Drop

One of the best things about living on Camano Island is the creativity of the residents. Many locals are artisans, and their beautiful hand-crafted pieces can be purchased at many of the shops around the area. When you visit Camano Island during the fall, you can take a few people off your holiday gift list by finding a beautiful and unique gift like a handblown snow globe by Camano Island area resident Mark Ellinger – and support a local artist, too!
Whether you spend a few hours shopping or all day hiking, you won’t be disappointed from the variety and beauty that Camano Island brings to you. Come visit us soon!


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