Check out my new Camano Island Real Estate Site at!

I have been hard-at-work launching my new website, and while there are still some tweaks I’m making — it’s live!

Please check out my new Real Estate site, This help me stay focused on Real Estate on this new site, and stay mostly-focused (with Real Estate highlights of course) here on my blog!

And rounding out my Camano Island coverage ‘trifecta’ is of course my Facebook page:

I’d love feedback on any of the above, please let me know what other features or content I can provide to continue to be the Camano Island Expert for you!

And of course you can call me any time! — Jan Mather, Camano Island Expert – (360) 507-4133


One Comment on “Check out my new Camano Island Real Estate Site at!”

  1. Roger and Jeanna says:

    A few years ago, my wife and I decided to find a beach house. We had saved enough and looked to find a, well, a peace of mind, a place to escape.

    Thankfully, we were introduced to Jan Mather. We gave her our wants and she delivered a wonderful place, one we are happy to have.

    If that was her only connection to us, we would have no cause to be upset. She delivered excellent service on the deal and that might well have been that.

    But Jan did more for us. First of all, she introduced us to the wonderful community on Camano. She has given us tips on so many issues, has provided excellent recommendations and become an essential part of our lives. We now call her a friend. And a better one we’ve never had.

    Look, times are hard. Everyone deserves a place where they can unwind, feel at peace, enjoy life and community.

    And if that’s you, then you need to call Jan Mather. We did and couldn’t be more happy.

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