Giving Thanks to – and Decking the – Camano Island Halls

Holidays Here We Come!

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As we all prepare for and go into full swing for the Holidays, I’m thankful for my family and friends, clients, associates, co-workers and service providers, and Camano Island residents and business owners who spruce up their homes and storefronts, offer festive seasonal goodies and gifts, take time off and put extra time in, all surrounding our end-of-the-year Holiday season.

It’s a joyous time, it can be a stressful time, so I’m putting my plug in to make the most out of the next several weeks. Here are a few suggestions — let’s call this Jannie’s Holiday Helpful Hints:

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  • Let’s give our loved ones lots of extra squeezes. The Holidays can be rough, let’s make them as pleasant as possible.
  • Shake some new hands, especially people you see periodically but haven’t ever gotten to know. This is particularly important for businesses you frequent that will have higher-than-normal volume over the Holidays. They would really appreciate the extra kindness.
  • Let’s assume everyone is doing their best to see it from all sides. This goes for relatives who seem to be making it difficult to agree to Holiday plans, the clerk who really needs a break but is working a double shift, the delivery person who just doesn’t have time for the cordial greeting.
  • Throw out the naughty list! We all keep them, but let’s toss it out the window and transfer all of those names onto the nice list for the rest of the year.
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    Following these helpful hints will help all of us have a Happy Holiday Season!


One Comment on “Giving Thanks to – and Decking the – Camano Island Halls”

  1. Ric Shallow says:

    Very nice Jan. What special treat to have all the family home this year for the holidays!

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