The Glass Quest is Back! Find One at My Camano Island Open House on Feb. 19th!

It’s that time of year again, where our inner adventure finder slash treasure seeker gets to come out in full force! Snoop, scavenge, scour and paruse through local businesses and other designated locations to participate in the Great Northwest Glass Quest. All for the chance to win a coveted glass snowball handmade by local artist Mark Ellinger!

But, that’s not all you’ll be doing, you’ll also be supporting our local businesses, artists and economy. Including my listing if you come by to visit me on February 19th! Try a new Camano Island area restaurant, shop for gifts at our boutiques and stores. Every day on Camano Island can be an adventure and here’s your chance to find some new treasures and maybe even your very own glass snowball!

How does the Camano Island Glass Quest work?

Well first, to be fair: businesses around the Stanwood area are participating as well ( but hey I’m an Island girl, what can I say).
Next, we wait — unfortunately this fun event doesn’t start until Feb 17th and runs through the 26th. It’s just so much fun that I couldn’t wait any longer to get the word out!
Then, starting on February 17th ,2012 ,you can pick up your treasure map showing all of the locations with hidden snowballs! Actually it’s an event booklet that you can up starting on February 17th at one of four (not even remotely) secret locations:
Stanwood Chamber
Camano Chamber
Gallery by the Bay in Stanwood
Seagrass Gallery on Camano Island

After you have your event booklet, just visit each location and search for a hidden ‘clueball.’ If you find a clueball, just take it to the proprietor to exchange it for your limited edition handmade glass snowball!

Remember to keep your event booklet with you and get a stamp from each location. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who finds a glass snowball, there will be a drawing for everyone who collects at least 5 stamps from five different locations at each of the galleries and the winner can purchase a glass snowball at a reduced price!

Yours Truly with the winner of my 2011 Glass Snowball Drawing


Speaking of drawings!

Since the glass snowball I am sponsoring is being given away at an Open House, I will hold a drawing as I have done in past years, out of respect for the home owner’s privacy (imagine people rooting through your clothes hamper and pantry shelves!). All you need to do is stop by my Open House and put your name in the basket for the 4:00 drawing.

For more information on the Great Northwest Glass Quest, visit their website here:

Open House Details

Date: February 19th, 2012
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm (the drawing will be held at 4:00 from entries completed at the open house that day).
Location: My beautiful listing with western views! 369 Laguna Vista Terrace, Camano Island, WA, 98282 Here’s the listing

You do not need to be present to win my drawing, but you DO need to come to the open house between 1:00pm and 4:00pm to register for the drawing and view this beautiful home with very nice views!

See you on February 19th and happy treasure hunting!


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