Greetings from Costa Rica!

A few years back, a couple came looking for their dream view home, and boy, did I ever find them the best house on the island – right across from my own home!  Over the years, these clients have become good friends, as happens so often with my clients, and this year, we decided to take a trip together.  And so, as beautiful as Camano Island looked in the snow, I had to bid it adieu for a tropical vacation in Costa Rica.

I flew into San Jose on the 19th of January, and then we headed to the Mawamba Lodge on the eastern coast for three adventure-filled days in the heart of the rainforest.  If you’re looking for an incredible place to stay in Costa Rica, this would be the choice.  Don’t these images make you want to pack your bags and run to the airport right now for a mid-winter diversion?

Since then, we’ve been living it up on the Pacific Coast side, where my friends’ family lives.  They own two homes here, and have graciously given us the one with a swimming pool and a view of the ocean.  I’ve got a few more days to enjoy that bright glowing object in the sky (our hosts tell us it’s called “the sun”), but then it’s back to business on Monday!


One Comment on “Greetings from Costa Rica!”

  1. jenr8er says:

    Looks beautiful, Jan!

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