Camano sunset 9January 1, 2013…..Wow, this past year has had so many blessings and some challenges for many people. I know this next year will be filled with health, happiness, prosperity, compassion, family, friends and all that makes life very special.
Thank you for your support in my business career as The Camano Island Real Estate Expert. Your loyalty is worth so much to me and I am thankful for you to help me in the past, present and future.
Cheers to a New 2013!


The Glass Quest is Back! Find One at My Camano Island Open House on Feb. 19th!

It’s that time of year again, where our inner adventure finder slash treasure seeker gets to come out in full force! Snoop, scavenge, scour and paruse through local businesses and other designated locations to participate in the Great Northwest Glass Quest. All for the chance to win a coveted glass snowball handmade by local artist Mark Ellinger!

But, that’s not all you’ll be doing, you’ll also be supporting our local businesses, artists and economy. Including my listing if you come by to visit me on February 19th! Try a new Camano Island area restaurant, shop for gifts at our boutiques and stores. Every day on Camano Island can be an adventure and here’s your chance to find some new treasures and maybe even your very own glass snowball!

How does the Camano Island Glass Quest work?

Well first, to be fair: businesses around the Stanwood area are participating as well ( but hey I’m an Island girl, what can I say).
Next, we wait — unfortunately this fun event doesn’t start until Feb 17th and runs through the 26th. It’s just so much fun that I couldn’t wait any longer to get the word out!
Then, starting on February 17th ,2012 ,you can pick up your treasure map showing all of the locations with hidden snowballs! Actually it’s an event booklet that you can up starting on February 17th at one of four (not even remotely) secret locations:
Stanwood Chamber
Camano Chamber
Gallery by the Bay in Stanwood
Seagrass Gallery on Camano Island

After you have your event booklet, just visit each location and search for a hidden ‘clueball.’ If you find a clueball, just take it to the proprietor to exchange it for your limited edition handmade glass snowball!

Remember to keep your event booklet with you and get a stamp from each location. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who finds a glass snowball, there will be a drawing for everyone who collects at least 5 stamps from five different locations at each of the galleries and the winner can purchase a glass snowball at a reduced price!

Yours Truly with the winner of my 2011 Glass Snowball Drawing


Speaking of drawings!

Since the glass snowball I am sponsoring is being given away at an Open House, I will hold a drawing as I have done in past years, out of respect for the home owner’s privacy (imagine people rooting through your clothes hamper and pantry shelves!). All you need to do is stop by my Open House and put your name in the basket for the 4:00 drawing.

For more information on the Great Northwest Glass Quest, visit their website here: http://www.thegreatnwglassquest.com/

Open House Details

Date: February 19th, 2012
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm (the drawing will be held at 4:00 from entries completed at the open house that day).
Location: My beautiful listing with western views! 369 Laguna Vista Terrace, Camano Island, WA, 98282 Here’s the listing

You do not need to be present to win my drawing, but you DO need to come to the open house between 1:00pm and 4:00pm to register for the drawing and view this beautiful home with very nice views!

See you on February 19th and happy treasure hunting!

Giving Thanks to – and Decking the – Camano Island Halls

Holidays Here We Come!

Image source: alpinewreaths.com

As we all prepare for and go into full swing for the Holidays, I’m thankful for my family and friends, clients, associates, co-workers and service providers, and Camano Island residents and business owners who spruce up their homes and storefronts, offer festive seasonal goodies and gifts, take time off and put extra time in, all surrounding our end-of-the-year Holiday season.

It’s a joyous time, it can be a stressful time, so I’m putting my plug in to make the most out of the next several weeks. Here are a few suggestions — let’s call this Jannie’s Holiday Helpful Hints:

Image source: carrieanddanielle.com

  • Let’s give our loved ones lots of extra squeezes. The Holidays can be rough, let’s make them as pleasant as possible.
  • Shake some new hands, especially people you see periodically but haven’t ever gotten to know. This is particularly important for businesses you frequent that will have higher-than-normal volume over the Holidays. They would really appreciate the extra kindness.
  • Let’s assume everyone is doing their best to see it from all sides. This goes for relatives who seem to be making it difficult to agree to Holiday plans, the clerk who really needs a break but is working a double shift, the delivery person who just doesn’t have time for the cordial greeting.
  • Throw out the naughty list! We all keep them, but let’s toss it out the window and transfer all of those names onto the nice list for the rest of the year.
  • Image source: thefoodnetwork.com

    Following these helpful hints will help all of us have a Happy Holiday Season!

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I have been hard-at-work launching my new website, and while there are still some tweaks I’m making — it’s live!

Please check out my new Real Estate site, http://www.janmather.com. This help me stay focused on Real Estate on this new site, and stay mostly-focused (with Real Estate highlights of course) here on my blog!

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And of course you can call me any time! — Jan Mather, Camano Island Expert – (360) 507-4133

Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off – Almost There!

We’re another week closer and in my excitement to get the post out last week, I omitted a few facts. I was also asked by a few people to fill in my own history with this truly fun event!

First, here’s the omitted fact: It’s 10 clams… or I mean… bucks, to get in. $10. For some serious yummy-ness and anything-but-serious fun!

Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off 4-1-1

Who: you, me, cooks, musicians, artists, & hungry Camano Island community members/guests/visitors
What: Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off — $10 entry — plus beer and wine
When: November 12th, 2011 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Where: Camano Island Senior & Community Center, 606 Arrowhead Rd. Camano Island

Why: To build our Camano Island community, listen to great music, get inspired by art, win prizes and eat some darn good Camano Island-inspired chili and chowder!

Say Hi To Janna White at the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off

Say Hi To Me, "Janna White" at the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off!

Jan Mather + Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off — History

I really love this event and I’ve been more involved in the past, including making the announcements and organizing the whole crazy raffle production. Heck, I even donated the raffle spinner to the Chamber of Commerce to use in events such as this.

This year I’m stepping back just a little bit, I’m going to spend some more time eating chili & chowder! I am going to turn over the microphone and enjoy the festivities.

But I will still be helping out, I’ll be following in the role of celebrity Vanna White — being seen and not heard (no easy task for me 🙂 I’ll be having fun holding the raffle prizes up! So make sure you look for me, I’ll be up there — just call me “Janna White” from now on!

More Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off Fun & Info

Click here to get ready for the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off by learning about the history of Chili & Chowder

Click here to vote for your favorite – chili or chowder – and see what other will be digging into at the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off!

Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off — It’s Baaaaaaaaaccckkkk!!!

2011 Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook OffOne of Camano Island’s most popular events is just around the corner!

November 12th 2011 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm is the annual Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off.

Come out and join in the festivities, eat some amazing chili and chowder — Camano Island style — and vote for your favorite!

There will be live music, a raffle, and art auction to follow.

This is a great event, so much fun every year and I hope you can all come out for this fun event.

Camano Island Chili Chowder Cookoff Location

Come join us at the Camano Island Senior & Community Center, 606 Arrowhead Rd. If it’s sunny well that’s great; if not well then we have the warm hospitality of the Camano Center and lots of chili and chowder to keep us toasty!

To help us all prepare for the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off next month, here’s a quick history of what we’ll be enjoying:

Chili – a History

The 2011 Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook OffAlthough it is commonly held that chili originated from Mexico, historians have confirmed that this is not the case. Mexico has deep traditions, dating back hundreds and even thousands of years. If chili came from Mexico, it would still be there! With the exception of a few places that cater to tourists, there really is no chili found in Mexico. Instead of Mexico, Spain is often credited with its creation by popular legend and story.

Chili powder, on the other hand, is a very hot topic! There are a number of people who take credit for creating chili powder, many of them from Texas. In fact, one of the main sources of this story supporting the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off and History of Chili and Chowder says they all were!

Chowder – a History

Annual Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook OffFor chowder, the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off heats up quite well also in this “History of Chowder” article on what’scookingamerica.net. France gets the nod this time — and decidedly so — for the creation of chowder. Technically, chowder is anything cooked in a “calderia” which is latin and basically means cauldron. The original chowders were likely made of fish, vegetables, anything that could be thrown together. Sailors often ate chowder with biscuits, which have been replaced with crackers these days.

In one sense, the Camano Island Chili Chowder Cook Off celebrates our country’s early beginnings as the United States served as the ‘calderia’ for the world and people from all walks of life came together to partake of the new world’s bounty. Let’s all join together again as this fun, festive and tasty annual event serves up piping hot stews of pure yummy-ness!

See you there! — Jan Mather, Camano Island Expert – (360) 507-4133

Camano Island: The Top Three Things To Do With Your Family

Are you looking for a place to take your family, either on a day trip or for some early autumn camping? You could be like most people and head up into the mountains, but why not blaze a new trail and come to Camano Island! From nature’s quiet majesty to vibrant fall festivities, our friendly community will make you feel welcome – so much so that I hope you want to stay forever!

1. Camano Island Colors

With autumn in the air for well, some time now this year, the leaves are changing from their emerald coloring into the warm reds and yellows of fall. Camano Island has an abundance of trees, both evergreen and dec…. decidu…. um, NOT evergreen, to dazzle all ages of nature lovers. Whether you take a leisurely drive down a tree-lined road or spend the night telling stories by a campfire at Camano Island State Park, the great outdoors of Camano Island is a welcoming place.

2. Festival Fun

Fall is the season for harvest festivals all across the country. Camano Island residents don’t disappoint in this avenue, either! We just finished the Harvest Jubilee, and one of the biggest fall festivals is the Stanwood-Camano Chili & Chowder Cookoff coming up in November. The streets are filled with happy people and delicious smells, and everyone visiting Camano Island goes home with a full belly and a happy memory.

3. Shop ‘Til You Drop

One of the best things about living on Camano Island is the creativity of the residents. Many locals are artisans, and their beautiful hand-crafted pieces can be purchased at many of the shops around the area. When you visit Camano Island during the fall, you can take a few people off your holiday gift list by finding a beautiful and unique gift like a handblown snow globe by Camano Island area resident Mark Ellinger – and support a local artist, too!
Whether you spend a few hours shopping or all day hiking, you won’t be disappointed from the variety and beauty that Camano Island brings to you. Come visit us soon!

Harvest Jubilee: Celebrating Crop and Community!

In my post on Camano Island Happenings for September 2011, one of the highlighted events was the Harvest Jubilee festival, coming up on September 24th.

After numerous requests for additional information, I’ve dug a little deeper on this fun event, so here you guys go!

Camano Island (and Stanwood, Silvana, etc.) Harvest Jubilee — Take II

Fall is fast approaching, and Camano Island is getting ready for the cooler weather.  Along with the changing leaves and dropping temperatures, the local farmers are getting ready to harvest their fields.  This gives the perfect opportunity for our community to have a Harvest Jubilee… so we do!

Celebrate With Us!

The Camano Island Harvest Jubilee celebrates the rich farming heritage of our little corner of the world.  Along with the surrounding communities of Stanwood, Silvana, and Warm Beach, Camano Island has a bounty of crops, growing everything you can imagine.  From beeswax and berries to a selection of organic beef, farming is a way of life here. The Harvest Jubilee gives everyone an opportunity to see where their food comes from.

Laugh And Learn

Coming to Camano Island for the festival will give you the chance to see how farms in the area operate.  Many farms will be open for visitors.  If you are unable to go out to the fields, you can view live animal exhibits at the Harvest Jubilee.  Have you ever wanted to harvest your own vegetables or have chickens for fresh eggs every morning?  Hands-on demonstrations will teach you how you can produce delicious organic food in your own back yard.

Family Friendly Festivities

In addition to the animal exhibitions, the Harvest Jubilee has something for everyone in the family.  Live music will be performed all day.  Local artists will display their works, and a marketplace will be available for crafters and growers alike.  Wagon rides let you see the whole festival while resting your feet.

Come To The Harvest Jubilee!

Are you sold yet?  The Camano Island (and surrounding areas!) Harvest Jubilee is the perfect day trip for your family.  On Saturday, September 24, the festivities kick off, with the center of activity located in Downtown Stanwood at The Country Store.   Events will go all day, from 10am to 5pm.

Come join the Camano Island community and see what we have to offer. For more info, visit the Harvest Jubilee Website.

See you at the Harvest Jubilee! Jan Mather, Camano Island Expert – (360) 507-4133

Camano Island Happenings for September, 2011

As August winds down, culminating with the Slow Food Roots Festival for Camano Island and Stanwood this coming weekend, I wanted to give you a jump-start on events and happenings for September — so get out those calendars!

Although September isn’t quite as jam-packed with events as August is, we still have some great things going on to add add to your calendar (along with school beginning again) — here are just a couple of them:

LABOR DAY BBQ at Oddfellows Park, 96 South Camano Ridge Road, Camano Island

Join in for a community barbecue at Oddfellows Park on Labor Day, Sept. 5th, 1 to 5 p.m. Tasty food and swinging music while meeting your neighbors. This BBQ is becoming a Camano tradition, and this year public-sector workers who have a union card and their families will be admitted for half price! This is our way of saying thank you. Call park manager Ron Clifford for more info, (360) 387-4737.

Harvest Jubilee — highlighting the agricultural past and present for Camano Island — September 24th, 2011

Well, and Stanwood and Silvana, Warm Beach, etc. too of course! This event is great fun and includes food, music, fine art, and festivities.

If I hear about more events I’ll post additional info!

Ready to make Camano Island your home? Call me today! Jan Mather, Camano Island Expert – (360) 507-4133

Camano Island: Check Out Slow Foods Roots Music Festival!

We’re in the thick of the lazy days of summer here on Camano Island, and while the sun doesn’t shine down quite as much here as it does elsewhere, we still enjoy all the benefits warmer weather has to offer — AND, need I remind you that we have less rain fall here on the Island than in surrounding areas! This year we have a special treat to attend: the first Slow Foods Roots Music Festival!

If you’re not familiar with the slow foods movement, you can find some more information here: http://www.slowfood.com/. The whole concept is perfect for Camano Island living, and one of our local businesses got the idea of putting together a weekend of fun, food, and music to celebrate all three.

The Happenings

The Slow Foods Roots Music Festival is (obviously) based around food and music, but there will be so much more. In addition to a selection of locally grown and organic fair foods, there will be a farmer’s market, seminars with Slow Food related authors, and chef demonstrations.

On the music front, there will be two stages with local and national performers, filling the event with sounds of traditional American music. Everything from folk to bluegrass to regional styles will be covered.

As if that wasn’t enough, there will be an art exhibit featuring juried local crafters and artists. In addition to the gallery showing, there will be demonstrations of how they ply their crafts and booths so you can take your own piece of art home with you.

If you’re bringing your little ones, don’t worry about them getting bored. There will be a variety of kid’s activities throughout both days to satisfy the pickiest of fair guests.

The Nitty Gritty

The very first Slow Foods Roots Music Festival happens on August 27th and 28th. That’s the last weekend of the month, and the weekend before Labor Day. The venue is the Stanwood Camano Community Fairgrounds.
Ticket prices are $20 for a one day pass and $35 for both days. If you’re bringing your whole family, you’ll save some money, as children under 12 and seniors over 65 both get half off ticket costs. You can buy them online through brownpapertickets, or in person at Snow Goose Bookstore or Blackbird Bakery Café Bistro.

If the Slow Foods Roots Music Festival sounds like fun (and really, how can a weekend devoted to food and music be anything but fun?), you’ll definitely want to come out and enjoy a day or two with us.

For more information on this great event, visit the web site for this Camano Island and Stanwood event.